• Planning

    Variant planning, general planning, approval planning, invitations to tender, detail design, planning coordination

  • Consultancy

    Feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, rehabilitation concepts, cost – benefit analyses

  • Management

    Project development, project management, information management, project scheduling, time and cost planning, construction management

  • Controlling

    Expert assessments, design checks, building surveys, on-site construction supervision, health and safety coordination

SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure offers comprehensive, interdisciplinary engineering services through all phases of a project. We provide all the services necessary for the development and implementation of a project in the areas of consultancy, planning, project management and control from a single source. For us, clean project management is central to every engineering service we provide.

+ Expert assessment

As part of our expert activities, many diverse issues are brought to our attention by building owners, companies, developers and courts:

  • Which construction method makes sense from a technical aspect?
  • What is the condition of a building and what repair options are there?
  • Is the building structurally stable?
  • Was it properly built or is there any damage / deficiency?
  • Who is to blame for the damage that has occurred?

We help you solve your problems by our impartiality and expertise.

+ Construction supervision

Trust is good, control is better

The professional supervision of construction and assembly work is a precondition for project implementation according to plan. SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure supports its customers in the implementation phase with the following services:

  • Building site management
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Building consultancy
  • Design checks
  • Accounting
  • Contract and claim management
  • Public relations work
  • As-built documentation
  • Health and safety

Experts with many years’ experience from SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure with comprehensive technical, legal and business knowledge ensure the success of your project.

+ Structural engineering

Verification of intrinsic values

Structural planning essentially comprises the elaboration of a static and structural concept and the creation of static calculations and structural drawings (reinforcement plans, construction plans).
We offer services in all phases in the area of structural engineering.
With high-end computing tools and outstanding structural engineers, we also plan extremely challenging and extensive structures.

+ Building planning

Precision can be seen in the details

SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure provides all the planning services necessary to successfully implement a project:

  • Surveys
  • Conceptual and basic design
  • Approval planning and assistance in obtaining approval
  • Invitation to tender
  • Detail design
  • Construction site management
  • Documentation

+ Consultancy

Flexible in thinking, structured in action

SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure advises on the development of new project ideas and their concretisation.

In the project generation phase, it is very important for the investor and project developer to identify, at an early stage, project opportunities and locations based on market studies, to evaluate alternatives, and to demonstrate technical and economic feasibility and the eligibility of projects for approval.

SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure provides support for customers in this by the following services:

  • Concepts
  • Master plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Financing concepts

+ Project management

Not all roads lead to Rome
Professional project management is the basic prerequisite for achieving project objectives in terms of quality, deadlines and costs.
As part of project management, SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure provides the following services, among others:

  • Definition of objective
  • Creation of Project Manual
  • Project organisation
  • Quality management
  • Progress review
  • Sequence, schedule and cost planning and control
  • Contract and claim management
  • Decision-making and change management
  • Documentation management
  • Communication and information management
  • Risk management