• Impressive ballroom thanks to its unique design

    In order to create a stunning support-free ballroom on the ground floor of the eleven-storey luxury hotel MUCON of EuroAtlantic, SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure experiences new technical ground with a building that is unique in building construction. Only by use of prestressed composite beams, it is possible to build seven regular floors above the ballroom with a  span of 24 meters. As a result, the MUCON is technically becoming a top hotel.

  • Shell Construction at Terminal II, KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

    A new Passenger Terminal for 25 Million Passengers is currently being built at Kuwait International Airport. The Building has an impressive Facade length of 1,200 meters on each side

    and a dome height of up to 25 meters. The shell, consisting of prestressed precast concrete elements, has recently been completed.

  • Building permission for Fehmarn Belt Crossing may be built

    The Fehmarn Belt Crossing is going to connect Germany with Denmark via Fehmarn and Lolland. The 18 km long immersed tunnel for road and rail is one of the largest projects in Europe. After several lawsuits against the project, building rights have now been granted. SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure was involved in a feasibility study for this project.

    Picture: Visualisation of the railroad crossing of Milchstraße

  • Commissioning of Airport Berlin-Brandenburg

    On 31.10.2020 BER Airport was opened in a festive ceremony. As such, the capital city finally acquires an adequate airport with a capacity of 41 million passengers per year. SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure was significantly involved in the structural design of numerous structures such as Terminal 1, the colonnades of the landside access as well as various technical buildings on the airside. We wish the airport a successful development.

    Picture: Airport Berlin Brandenburg, Terminal 1

  • New Apprenticeship year at SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure

    On 01.09.2020, three young talented employees started their apprenticeship as draughtspersons and office management assistant. Thereby, we wish them to have a good time and success with their interesting apprenticeship.

  • Renovation of the railstation halls of central station Bremen

    With 147,000 travellers daily, Bremen’s central station is one of the most frequented long-distance train stations of the Deutsche Bahn. The building, which was constructed from 1885 to 1889, was designed by the architect Hubert Stier in the Neo-Renaissance style. SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure has the honour to take over the BIM Planning for the renewal of the listed rail station halls.

  • SCHAEFER + MERKIN Polska receives authorisation to present building documents

    The Polish company SCHAEFER + MERKIN Sp.zo.o. has achieved an important milestone for expanding its presence in the domestic market and now has an authorisation to present building documents for the submission of plans to the regulatory authorities.

  • Framework agreement for the planning of buildings at DEUTSCHE BAHN AG

    SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure GmbH has received a framework agreement from DEUTSCHE BAHN AG for the planning of buildings. This represents a further milestone in business development in the transport sector. The Federal Government and DEUTSCHE BAHN are planning a huge construction programme, investing about 28 billion euros by 2019.

  • SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure receives framework agreement for building inspections

    SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure GmbH has received a framework agreement from a leading German real estate investor for recurrent building inspections pursuant to VDI 6200 for its existing real properties. Regular monitoring of stability allows causes of damage to be identified and eliminated in good time, preventing or minimising possible damage. The regular building inspection thus constitutes an important cost-reducing element in the sustainable design of the building life cycle.

  • SCHAEFER + MERKIN achieves record results

    The publication of the annual financial statements for 2014 shows that all companies in the SCHAEFER + MERKIN Group have increased their annual turnover and annual result for the fourth year in a row. The medium-term business plan envisages further growth of about 25 % annually for the next three years.

  • SCHAEFER + MERKIN Poland moves into new offices

    In order to create more space for the strategic growth of the Polish company SCHAEFER + MERKIN Sp.zo.o., the company moved into a new, larger office on 01.04.2015, which is located in the center of Wroklaw. The Company is managed by Dipl.-Ing. Toni Werwinski.
    SCHAEFER + MERKIN Sp.zo.o.
    ul. Sokolnicza 5/40
    53-676 Wrocław

    Tel.: + 48 71 79 15 951

  • Supplier assessment: “Outstanding”

    SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure was rated by Deutsche Bahn with the title “Outstanding”, with 99 out of 100 possible points. The assessment is based on achievements in the areas of quality, costs and schedules.