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80687 München
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Shaping the future with discernment

SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure is an innovative, international and interdisciplinary engineering company, active in the fields of energy, industry, water, transport and building. Our services include project management, consultancy, building design, structural engineering, construction management and expert assessments.


Our strengths lie in the following areas:

  • Project organisation and control
  • Customer-oriented consultancy and development of mature solutions
  • Fast, efficient and economical project execution
  • Targeted customer involvement in decision-making and approval processes
  • Processing particularly technically demanding projects

+ Quality

Quality is our foundation
Our employees and managers have an excellent reputation as technically excellent, reliable and independent consultants. This image is a commitment and incentive for us to keep improving ourselves so that we can inspire customers with the best solutions. We want to offer our customers the best quality and our employees good opportunities for development.

Our actions are based on the following principles:

  • Further development of our quality management system
  • Involvement of all employees and managers in a continuous improvement process
  • Applying appropriate project management methods
  • Use of reliable and efficient work resources
  • Audit of all outgoing documents according to the double checking principle
  • Selection and further development of qualified staff

+ Customers and Partners

A common course to success
Optimal project management has the highest priority for Schaefer + Merkin Ingenieure. By structured involvement of the customer in communication, planning and decision making processes, we assure project success and high customer orientation and satisfaction. This is why many of our customers use our services again and again.

Customer groups

  • Public authorities and ministries
  • Banks and other investors
  • Project developers
  • Industrial companies
  • Transport companies
  • Energy and water suppliers
  • Construction companies
  • Engineering offices

+ Management and employees

Guarantees for project success
Together with the customer, we define project objectives and stand for their structured and efficient implementation, whilst assuring the highest quality and adherence to cost and schedule requirements.
Our employees are the most important capital for solving our problems. Their level of expertise, reliability, enthusiasm and commitment create confidence among our customers.
Project groups with experienced and young employees secure the transfer of expertise and promote innovative solutions. Using experienced experts in various specialist fields, we are able to assure interdisciplinary processing of complex projects. The combination of organisational and technical competence guarantees the success of both customer and company.
Continuous personnel development ensures a steady growth in corporate value and the motivation of our employees.

+ Values

Inspire best solutions
Our goal is to achieve project success together with the customer, and to inspire project stakeholders through outstanding solutions. Here SCHAEFER + MERKIN Ingenieure attaches the greatest importance to quality, reliability and customer orientation. Striving for continuous improvement and further development is the basis for mature, innovative and sustainable solutions. The highest quality, absolute punctuality and cost control are a matter of course.